About Buffa Audio

Our Mission

To inspire. To create. To showcase.

We make inspiring sounds for composers, and orchestrators, in tools for game soundtracks, film scores, and more.

What does Buffa Audio do?

We create sample libraries for Kontakt. Specifically, we create sample libraries for the more unusual instruments. Think classical saxophones, early bassoons, low flutes, clocks, wine glasses, and artillery shells.

As Buffa Audio grows, so will our collection of instruments – watch this space for updates.

Why aren’t the instruments listed above on the website?

Buffa Audio started up in late 2020, and is currently in the process of building these virtual instruments. Often the process includes sourcing the instruments themselves [for example, to the best of my knowledge there is only one contrabass flute in the country], finding players, finding suitable locations to record, recording, de-noising, programming, and then testing. The process is a long one, and it’s a bit of a cliché, but good instruments come to those who wait.

Dr. Luca Manghi | Contrabass Flute
Dr. Luca Manghi | Haynes A-flat Alto Piccolo | Hammig concert piccolo.
Michael Jamieson | Saxophones